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In 2015, Ganz started a different type of Collection for Valentine's Day. In addition to Cinnamon's Chocolate Collection a new collection event was added. Throughout the month of February, players could ask their friends for Valentines and win prizes for each set number of Valentines collected. The collection could be completed as many times as the player wanted throughout the month of February. In 2016, the event returned for the same duration, but this time featured different collection prizes.


2015 Valentine's Collection


In 2015 there was a Valentine's Collection event in Webkinz World from February 1, 2015 through February 28, 2015. Players could click on the collection event icon in their room to ask their friends for Valentines to help complete their collections. If a player collected all 50 Valentines they would win the grand prize. As with previous collections, there were different prizes awarded as players collected specific numbers of valentines. Once a player completed the collection once, they could go back through and complete it as many times as they wanted to receive more prizes before February 28th.

To earn the Valentine Hearts, players had 4 methods they could do daily.

  • First, players could ask up for up to 10 Valentine's per day from their friends. No matter how many people a player asked, they could only receive a max of 5 back from their friends per day.
  • Players who clicked on the Valentine's Collection icon in their room also received 1 Valentine that day. Deluxe Members would receive 2 when the icon was clicked.
  • Players could visit Webkinz Newz and click on a floating Valentine to receive one per day for their collection.
  • Players could alternatively purchase Valentines for 500 points each. The more Valentines purchased, the cheaper the cost was overall.
Candy Heart Toy Box
Collect 10 Valentines
Candy Heart Window
Collect 20 Valentines
Candy Heart Cushion Chair
Collect 30 Valentines
Chocolate Valentine Flooring
Collect 40 Valentines
Chocolate Valentine Wallpaper
Collect 50 Valentines

2016 Valentine's Collection


In 2016, the Valentine's Collection event returned to Webkinz World once again. The run time was the same running from February 1, 2016 through February 29, 2016. This time, players could click on the Valentine's Collection icon on their Kinzville Map. There were 50 Valentines in total to collect, and as with previous collections players were awarded prizes all the way up to 50. Once a player received all 50 Valentines they could do the collection over again as many times as they wanted as long as it was within the month of February.

As with the last event players had different methods they could use to win Valentines.

  • Players could receive up to 5 Valentines per day from their friends.
  • Players could click on the Valentine Collection icon on their Kinzville Map to get one free Valentine per day. As with previous events, Deluxe members got 2 per day.
  • Players could visit Webkinz Newz and click on a floating Valentine to receive one per day for their collection.
  • As with with previous Valentine's Collection event, Valentines could be purchased with eStore points.
Chocolate Shop Flooring
Collect 10 Valentines
Chocolate Shop Wallpaper
Collect 20 Valentines
Chocolate Shop Display
Collect 30 Valentines
Chocolate Shop Display Case Fridge
Collect 40 Valentines
Chocolate Shop Counter
Collect 50 Valentines

Other Chocolate Shop Items


For the 2016 collection, other items were made available that went with the Valentine Collection pieces.

Picture Name Availability
Chocolateshopuniform.png Chocolate Shop Uniform The Chocolate Shop Uniform was the Valentine's Day Log in Gift for 2016.
Chocolateshopvisor.png Chocolate Shop Visor The Chocolate Shop Visor was a free gift to anyone who logged into their eStore account on February 14, 2016 between 12 am and 11:59 EST. Players had to add the chocolate shop visor to their cart and check out as if they were making a purchase.
Sweetsamplesdispenser.png Sweet Samples Dispenser The Sweet Samples Dispenser was available in the eStore during the Valentine Collection and was available until February 29, 2016.