Trick or Treat 2009

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Trick or Treat was a Halloween event in the Clubhouse that ran from October 24th through to November 1st, 2009.

How to Play

When the ghost was seen in the clubhouse, you clicked on it and were rewarded with one of 12 tasty treats. If you collected all 12 treats, you unlocked a special prize!

  • You could only get one piece of candy every 3 hours. Towards the end of the event in 2009, this time was lowered to every two hours, and then to every hour.
  • You had to be in the room before the ghost appeared.
  • When the ghost appeared, you heard a spooky "BOOOO" sound.
  • When pets received a piece of candy. the words "Trick-or-Treat" appeared over their heads.
  • When pets were checking their candy collection, a pumpkin appeared over heir heads

How to Find the Ghost


After a great deal of tracking and reporting, members were able to have a very good idea when to find the ghost on their accounts.

Once the Ghost was seen for the first time on the account, you had to make note of the color of your phone, the name of the room and the exact time you saw the ghost. When you returned in three hours to try to find him again you had to choose the same color phone. The rooms rotated.

Like with Doug the Dog, the Ghost did not always show up in every room number of the type of room he was supposed to be in.

It seemed that each server was on a different pattern and many people were trying to figure out what server they were on to try to figure out the pattern. Although knowing your server number might help you match up with other members on the same server this was NOT necessary.



Prizes 2009


Bat Bar
Fruity Fangs
Gummy Paws
Licorice Pretzel
Magic W Lolly
Marshmallow Eyeballs
PB&J Chocowich
Sweet Spectre
Tart Terrors
Tooth Glue Toffee
Vampire Pop
Wacky Gum Drops

Grand Prize

If you collected all 12 pieces of candy, you unlocked the Grand Prize - the Jack o'Lantern!

  • You could only win one Grand Prize Jack o'lantern per account.
  • You could customize your Jack o'lantern by choosing the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • The Jack o'lantern cannot be traded, sold, or kinzposted.