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Welcome to the Webkinz Picture Guide!

The guide that's always up to date!

about this site

  • The most up to date image and information guide on Webkinz items, events, and more!
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  • 22,947 pages since July 2014
  • 31,650 contributions by 4 WPG Editors since July 2014
  • July 19th 2014 Michele creates the Webkinz Picture Guide.
  • July 19th 2014 Michele creates the first draft of the Webkinz Picture Guide
  • November 22nd 2014‎ Michele created the First Collection Page

recent news

  • The Pet of the Month for August is the Cuddle Cat!
  • Deluxe Day will be August 11.
  • The next Maintenance Update is August 29.

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current events in webkinz world

  • The Wacky Zingoz Celebration will take place from August 1-12
  • The Super School Giveaway will take place from August 13-September 7

estore news and events

  • On August 1st the Blue Ribbon Goat makes its debut.
  • The Black Panther Cub is available for free with the purchase of a Deluxe Membership from May 1-August 31.
  • Save 10% on 3 and 12 Month Deluxe Memberships from August 1-16.
  • On August 1st the Glamping Box becomes available.
  • The Wacky's Burger Stand becomes available on August 1.
  • The Sheepdog plush pet is available with free shipping from August 1-7.
  • The August Sale runs from August 3-9.
  • NEW Candy Tree: Brilliant Butterscotch Candy Tree makes its debut on August 3.
  • The Elegant Dino makes its official debut on August 10.
  • On August 10 the Candy Tree Tie-In: Butterscotch Ripple Fence makes its debut.
  • Customer Appreciation Day takes place on August 14. Don't miss this chance to get the last piece of the Tawny Cat Costume!
  • The Room with a View: Sunflower Flooring and Wallpaper make their debut on August 17.
  • The August BOGO Sale will take place from August 17-22.
  • The BRAND NEW Back-to-School Gift Bag becomes available on August 20.
  • On August 24 the Room with a View Tie-In: Sunflower Patio Plant makes its debut.
  • National Dog Day takes place from August 24-27

current events on webkinz newz

  • Cuddle Cat Peek-a-Newz - Win two new rare prizes, a Mod KinzVision TV and a Peridot Mosaic Tile!
  • Monthly Meal - Click for a free meal of Puzzellapies.
  • Chocolate Milk Cow Contest
  • August Treasure Hunt
  • Community Code for Celebrate Summer Planter: W248-G3DB-Q5CD-K8A6 - Expires August 31
  • Community Code for Shark Fin Floaty: W24N-8QVN-23L9-CMEU - Expires September 30
  • Community Code for Campkinz Backpack: W24F-4747-AH9D-V9SN - Expires September 30
  • Community Code for Campkinz Picnic Blanket: W247-MNDB-JZ58-VC86 - Expires September 30
  • Community Code for Marine Biologist Tool Case: W24V-RZF6-7DDK-4KC8 - Expires September 30
  • Community Code for Rocky Rest Stop: W24E-JL47-73DW-RPTA - Expires September 30
  • Community Code for Sunken Ocean Liner Flooring: W244-YZAQ-7QBY-PMAC - Expires September 30
  • Community Code for Deep Sea Porthole: W24K-EDC9-KNR4-YCNS - Expires October 31 Note: this is the porthole from the "Finding Dory" promotion, NOT the retired exclusive!