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In 2010, Ganz decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Webkinz World by hosting a Clubhouse event. The first event began Mach 11, 2010 where players had to search the clubhouse in hopes of seeing the Leprechaun. The Leprechaun (pictured below) was a Webkinz Groundhog sporting a green suit and top hat and orange facial hair.


The Leprechaun was similar to the Trick or Treat Ghost. Players could visit any room in the clubhouse with the possibility of seeing the Leprechaun. If a Leprechaun entered the room you were in he would suddenly appear in the room, accompanied by a jingle and phrases. However, he was quick and bounced from room to room, staying in each room for only a minute. The Leprechaun was not exclusive to any one room or any one Kinzchat Color Zone. Webkinz Newz provided the tip that staying in a room for 30 minutes almost guaranteed you'd see the Leprechaun as he made his rounds.

In the first event, players who clicked on the Leprechaun were awarded one of six Jelly Coins. Only one coin could be collected from the Leprechaun per each hour. The Jelly Coins came in each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) and were a food that could be fed to your pet. When players collected all six coins they were awarded with the Leprechaun Grand Prize. Only one grand prize could be won per account, but after receiving it players could continue to receive extra Jelly Coins from the leprechaun if they wished.

In 2011, the Leprechaun event returned to Webkinz World with minor changes. From 2011 onward, the event was known as the Leprechaun Chase. The same set of rules applied to all Leprechaun chases since 2011. For example, players could still only collect one Jelly Coin per hour and still had to collect all six colors of the rainbow to receive the grand prize. The Jelly Coin food prizes were identical with no changes, except that the grand prize awarded would vary from year to year. In 2011, ganz also introduced the ability to purchase Jelly Coins. As with other promotions, players not wanting to partake in the event or missing some coins were able to purchase them in their Webkinz World account for 1,000 eStore points each.



  • 2010: March 11th - March 18th
  • 2011: March 11th - March 17th
  • 2012: March 7th - March 17th
  • 2013: March 10th - March 17th
  • 2014: March 10th - March 17th
  • 2015: March 9th - March 17th
  • 2016: March 11th - March 17th


Every Leprechaun Chase event since the first one in 2010 has the same rules. Players must first collect all six Jelly Coins before unlocking the grand prize. The Jelly Coins are the same every year, with players being able to collect one for each color of the rainbow.

Jelly Coins

Red Jelly Coin
Orange Jelly Coin
Yellow Jelly Coin
Green Jelly Coin
Blue Jelly Coin
Violet Jelly Coin

Grand Prizes

The biggest change since the first Leprechaun Chase was the Grand Prize. Since the introduction of the event, the coins that need collecting for the grand prize have been the same, but the Grand Prize has changed year to year.

Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold
Lucky Leprechaun Coin Pond
Golden Pot of Coins Fridge
Emerald Treasure Chest
Leprechaun Statue
Leprechaun Stained Glass Window
Lucky Go Kart