Candy Trees and Tie-ins Collection

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Picture Name Tie-in Picture Tie-in Name Availability
Berrybutterflycandytree.png Berry Butterfly Candy Tree Berrybutterflyrug.png Berry Butterfly Rug Ganz eStore item
Blueraspberrycandytree.png Blue Raspberry Candy Tree Bluegardenlights.png Blue Garden Lights Ganz eStore item
Brilliantbutterscotchtree.png Brilliant Butterscotch Tree Butterscotchripplefence.png Butterscotch Ripple Fence Ganz eStore item
Caramelcorncandytree.png Caramel Corn Candy Tree Caramelcornshrub.png Caramel Corn Shrub Ganz eStore item
Carrotcaketruffletree.png Carrot Cake Truffle Tree Carrothideaway.png Carrot Hideaway Ganz eStore item
Cherrycolatree.png Cherry Cola Tree Bottlebirdbath.png Bottle Bird Bath Ganz eStore item
Chewybananacandytree.png Chewy Banana Candy Tree Tikipalmstatue.png Tiki Palm Statue Ganz eStore item
Chewystrawberrytree.png Chewy Strawberry Tree Sweetstrawberrychair.png Sweet Strawberry Chair Ganz eStore item
Chocolateclovercandytree.png Chocolate Clover Candy Tree Pottedclovers.png Potted Clovers Ganz eStore item
Cinnamonbuntree.png Cinnamon Bun Tree Cinnamonbunrug.png Cinnamon Bun Rug Ganz eStore item
Cottoncandyflowertree.png Cotton Candy Flower Tree Cottoncandygrass.png Cotton Candy Grass Ganz eStore item
Freshmintcandytree.png Fresh Mint Candy Tree Freshicyshrub.png Fresh Icy Shrub Ganz eStore item
Gingerbreadflowertree.png Gingerbread Flower Tree Gingerbreadfence.png Gingerbread Fence Ganz eStore item
Grapetaffytree.png Grape Taffy Tree Purplepottedflowers.png Purple Potted Flowers Ganz eStore item
Gummyghosttree.png Gummy Ghost Tree Ghostiefence.png Ghostie Fence Ganz eStore item
Gummylamptree.png Gummy Lamp Tree Sandyelephantfence.png Sandy Elephant Fence Ganz eStore item
Holidaygumdroptree.png Holiday Gumdrop Tree Gumdropfence.png Gumdrop Fence Ganz eStore item
Marshmallowhearttree.png Marshmallow Heart Tree Heartsteppingstones.png Heart Stepping Stones Ganz eStore item
Pinkcheesecaketruffletree.png Pink Cheesecake Truffle Tree Pinkgardenarbor.png Pink Garden Arbor Ganz eStore item
Pinksweetstree.png Pink Sweets Tree Pinklollipopfence.png Pink Lollipop Fence Ganz eStore item
Pricklyberrycandytree.png Prickly Berry Candy Tree Halloweenhatfence.png Halloween Hat Fence Ganz eStore item
Prizedpineapplecandytree.png Prized Pineapple Candy Tree Prizedpineapplechair.png Prized Pineapple Chair Ganz eStore item
Pumpkinsurprisecandytree.png Pumpkin Surprise Candy Tree Fallmumsdivider.png Fall Mums Divider Ganz eStore item
Purpleplumbonbontree.png Purple Plum Bonbon Tree Birchbench.png Birch Bench Ganz eStore item
Rainbowcandyappletree.png Rainbow Candy Apple Tree Rainbowapplefloortile.png Rainbow Apple Floor Tile Ganz eStore item
Rainbowribboncandytree.png Rainbow Ribbon Candy Tree Rainbowtoadstoolchair.png Rainbow Toadstool Chair Ganz eStore item
Shamrocklollipoptree.png Shamrock Lollipop Tree Rainbowarchfence.png Rainbow Arch Fence Ganz eStore item
Sourappletree.png Sour Apple Tree Applemosaictile.png Apple Mosaic Tile Ganz eStore item
Springeggwillow.png Spring Egg Willow Springeggshrub.png Spring Egg Shrub Ganz eStore item
Sweetchocolatebutterflytree.png Sweet Chocolate Butterfly Tree Sweetbutterflyfence.png Sweet Butterfly Fence Ganz eStore item
Tarttangerinecandytree.png Tart Tangerine Candy Tree Prairiefiresedge.png Prairie Fire Sedge Ganz eStore item
Wafercookietree.png Wafer Cookie Tree Waferbirdhouse.png Wafer Birdhouse Ganz eStore item

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