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The Arthur Christmas Movie Promotion was a series of promotions that first began in November 2011 to promote the release of the movie to theaters. The original 2011 promotion included login gifts, a special wheel of wow, an Arthur Christmas Floaty and video challenge. In 2012, Arthur Christmas returned to promote the release of the movie to DVD & Blue Ray. Only a handful of new prizes were added for the second promotion, as most of the items to be won were the same ones given away in 2011.


Wheel of WOW

From November 10, 2011 through November 24, 2011 players could spin the Wheel of WOW for a chance to win an Arthur Christmas prize. As with most other wheel of wow promotions, the standard wheel of WOW background was replaced with advertisements and characters from the movie. The prizes were only available in certain wheel spots, and all other spots that were not exclusive prizes were instead varying amounts of KinzCash. When a player spun the wheel, they had the chance to win one of five exclusive Arthur Christmas items listed below.

Elf Patrol Backpack
Elf Patrol Communicator
Elf Patrol Goggles
Emergency Cracker
High Tech Stocking Stuffer

Login Gifts

In 2011, players also received special login gifts for Arthur Christmas.

Date Giftbox Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
November 12, 2011 Arthurchristmasgiftbox1.png
Arthur Christmas Giftbox 1
Knitted Sweater
Elf Training Kit
50 KC